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Indian Restaurant Stirchley

Experience a culinary journey through the rich flavours of India at our restaurant. Our talented chefs expertly blend traditional spices and cooking techniques to create dishes that delight the senses.

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Indian Restaurant In Stirchley

Kolkata Lounge restaurant in Stirchley, near Bournville, Kings Norton, is best known as the premiere fine Indian dining restaurant.

Head chef at the Kolkata Lounge leads an innovative team that offers elegant and unsurpassed modern Indian cuisine, maintaining the highest quality, comfortable surroundings and an ambitious menu.

Authentic Indian Cuisine

Traditional, contemporary Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine​

From aromatic curries and fluffy naan to refreshing chutneys, every bite connects you to the warmth and hospitality of Indian culture. We take pride in sourcing only the freshest ingredients to honour the authentic tastes of regional cuisines. Diners come from near and far, locals and travellers alike, drawn to our cosy atmosphere and tantalising flavours. Let us transport your taste buds while nourishing your soul.

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Indian Restaurant Birmingham

So whether it’s an office break for lunch or dinner for two, whether it’s a hunger for curry or a thirst for lassi, whether you dine in or take away, our Indian food ensures that you take away the peace of mind that comes with just the best blend of spices, at Birmingham’s Kolkata Lounge.

We prepare every single dish keeping in mind the Bangladeshi culture and the history of thousands of years which comes along with it. Hence, we can say that at Kolkata Lounge, your experience would both be satisfying and entertaining as we bring the true essence of Bangladesh and its flavours to the world.

Kolkata Lounge Stirchley Cook

Testimonials Great local curry house

Customer reviews

Splendid value in this up-and-coming area of Birmingham, Very welcoming staff and a lovely atmosphere in this modern Indian restaurant. The food was excellent and the staff recommendations were very good. Amongst the drinks on offer, they also have Purity ales on tap. The decor is very interesting and the toilet facilities were very clean.

This place had been recommended to us and we’re so glad we tried it. Friendly attentive staff, great vibe even for midweek Wednesday night. They offer a combo dish on the menu, what a great idea! A way of trying 2 smaller portions of different main curry dishes as one main course (hope that makes sense). This absolutely sold it for us as we’ve never come across this anywhere, if you’re indecisive it’s the way forward! Everything we had from the popadoms with dips, mains and naan breads were delicious. We will definitely return 😊

Nick Simmons

Jayne Debney, Kings Norton

We visit this restaurant regularly. We work late on a Saturday night and there is always a warm welcome for us when we come in hungry at 11pm! The staff are friendly and efficient. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and is always spotlessly clean. No matter how busy they are, the quality of food is never compromised. Delicious curries, always hot and fresh which can not be said for everywhere. We are very lucky to live in an area where there is so much choice but this place is definitely top when it comes to Indian food!

Maria Livingston

Justy Custard, Birmingham

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